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Commonwealth Medical Services was created to provide a place to offer healthcare options that met the needs of both the consumers and the providers. In a few brief months, the model evolved after discovering an opportunity to work with Veterans in helping to provide access to services in Central Kentucky. With the success of offering high-quality services came growth and expansion into multiple states, offering resources to help fill gaps in access for Veterans across the country and providing employment for healthcare providers looking for fulfilling career paths.

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Exam Services

We have an outstanding record of filling requests to open locations across the country in both large metro areas as well as remote communities with limited options. We use creative approaches to securing office space including short-term leases with basic furnishings. We are a solutions provider that can help overcome challenges to finding locations to house client operations.

Consultation Services

Commonwealth Medical can offer insights to organizations looking to expand or shift operations. Bringing Commonwealth onto your team as an independent decision-maker can help guide an executive team by providing clear and accurate information free from bias. We can solve the common issue of group-think and tunnel vision that occurs when no outside voice is available to highlight concerns. Our experience in the marketplace, supporting a growing business, matched with being comprised of healthcare providers offers unique perspective and analysis to client projects.

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Medical Personnel

We are a Nurse Practitioner owned company that provides a pleasant work environment with higher than average compensation for our medical providers. One point of pride is placing qualified Nurse Practitioners into positions that ‘walk-the-walk’, giving balance to earning income and pursuing personal goals and activities.

On-Site Healthcare Options

Commonwealth Medical can coordinate and execute programs for screening and/or testing at most any location. Annual health screening fairs, COVID-19 screening, periodic healthcare provider visits are well within our capability. A popular employee offering is our weight management program which offers diet and activity coaching along with frequent evaluations for the participants. Our counselors are skilled at building relationships, offering appropriate accountability and achieving weight loss goals for our clients.

On-Site Healthcare Options Lexington KY

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Commonwealth Medical has become a reliable provider for medical staffing and logistics needs from coat-to-coast. Our growth trajectory is evidence of our effectiveness to understand and overcome challenges in opening access points for our clients. We have opportunities for potential providers to perform independent medical exams as well as opportunities for potential clients. Please fill out this contact form for information about joining our team and we will get back to you shortly!