Who We Are

About Us

Commonwealth Medical has a history of clearly defining the needs of our clients, then directing our efforts to achieve effective solutions. We specialize in providing physical space, personnel, medical providers, general consultative services, as well as providing on-site employee-health options. This includes one time or periodic health screening clinics, health fairs, urgent care and/or primary care services, and personalized weight management programs.

We Are A Solutions Company

Our Solutions

Exam Space

Exam Space

We are a solutions provider that can help overcome challenges to finding locations to house client operations.

Consultation Services

Consultation Services

We can solve the common issue of group-think and tunnel vision that occurs when no outside voice is available to highlight concerns.

Medical Personnel

Medical Personnel

We are a Nurse Practitioner owned company that provides a pleasant work environment with higher than average compensation for our medical providers.

On-Site Healthcare Options

On-Site Healthcare Options

Annual health screening fairs, COVID-19 screening, periodic healthcare provider visits are well within our capability.

How We Serve

Our Difference

01. Genuine Communication

Our reputation is built on the relationships we foster, treating all our contacts as valuable assets to the team. This makes for positive and supportive communications internally and externally and makes working with us an attractive option in the marketplace.

02. Employee Support

We pride ourselves on supporting our employees to grow professionally by asking more of them while simultaneously offering the resources to meet the challenge. We want the positions at Commonwealth Medical to be coveted by others and consider retention a top priority.

03. Meet The Need Of All Clients

We strive to develop lasting partnerships that provide bilateral benefit, by efficiently meeting client needs and adjusting operations when needed; all while broadcasting positive attitudes and friendly communications.

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Commonwealth Medical has become a reliable provider for medical staffing and logistics needs from coat-to-coast. Our growth trajectory is evidence of our effectiveness to understand and overcome challenges in opening access points for our clients. We have opportunities for potential providers to perform independent medical exams as well as opportunities for potential clients. Please fill out this contact form for information about joining our team and we will get back to you shortly!